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Biofilter BioKa 600                      
Diese Systeme konstruieren wir passend für Ihren Teich oder Aquakultur
The filter dosen´t suit your system? We make it fit. Tell us what you need!
BioKa 600: Dimensions: Length: 690 mm (plus ca. 120 mm Stutzen) Width: 490 mm Heigth: 720 mm Filling: BT 20: ~ 130 Liter Surface: ~ 85 m² efficiency of degradation: up to 1 kg feed per day Other: ask for (BT10, BT30, BT10-PE) Connection: Inlet: 2 x 110 mm Outlet: 2 x 110 mm Airtube: 6/9 mm Max. flow through: 30 m3/h (ask for more) Material: PVC, PEHD Weight: ~ 55 Kg
Pure water thanks to bacteria The biofilter is to be connected downstream of the mechanical filtration. Bacteria colonies in the trickling filter media convert the fish-toxic substances ammonium, ammonia, and nitrite to the less toxic nitrate. Important for the proper functioning of the biofilter is good ventilation and a large surface area for the trickling filter media. Please note that the biofilter needs several weeks before it reaches its full capacity. Our biofilter BioKa 600 is capable of degrading up to 1 kg of feed per day. If this amount is still too small for your system requirements, several BioKa 600 filters can easily be connected. Bioka 600 is filled with our biological trickling media BT20 and pre-loaded with the necessary bacteria. Oxygen is injected by a NEWBUBBLE aeration system. Please note that the addition of antibiotics to the water can severely damage the biofilter
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